Beavis and Butt-Head in Calling All Dorks

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It's Beavis. AND Butt-Head.




Hatman! This is an animation file that can be played with the included ASAPLY32.EXE program.


This is a full hidden MKO makeover theme pack, but is themed around the Viacom New Media team rather than Beavis and Butt-Head.

Once installed/applied to Windows, the following files are created in C:\Program Files\Makeover\Art:



Hatman 360°. This can also be played with ASAPLY32.EXE.

Hatman Icons[edit]


Icon images for use in Windows. In order, they're named "Netman.ico", "Hatman2.ico", and "Hatman3.ico".

chuck and kathy.bmp[edit]







Beavis-Butthead-Calling-Dorks-ViacomBG1.png Beavis-Butthead-Calling-Dorks-ViacomBG2.png Beavis-Butthead-Calling-Dorks-ViacomBG3.png

These are intended to replace the Windows boot screen, login screen, etc.


An image pack for use with the "concentration" image matching minigame. Load CONCENTR.EXE and select "Change Art" to load this image pack into the game.


All of the unique matching images, featuring Viacom New Media dev members.


The back face of all the matching images.


The win BG screen after matching everything. A number of the matching images originate from this photo. It's timestamped March 3rd, 1995.

Hidden Fun[edit]


Another image pack for the concentration minigame. Simply rename the extension to .con and load the file in CONCENTR.EXE. This pack doesn't have a specified background image for the matching images, so one of the images is used depending on the puzzle size. This puzzle can load as a 4x4 or 6x6 size, depending on the dimensions of the previously loaded artwork pack. The Vnm_Testing_Crew.CON pack loads as 6x6 every time, so it can trigger Hidden Fun to load at that size as well.

Viacom New Media Testing Department B.jpg[edit]


Despite being stored as a JPG, this image unfortunately doesn't contain any timestamp or useful metadata.

   (Source: Ehm)



Various commented notes. Thanks Baki.

; This file is a sample INSTALL.INI for the Beavis and
; Butthead Makeover as given to me by Baki when he was
; here...

; MOVIE_X and MOVIE_Y are size of install movie SETUP.AVI
; Set either value to 0 for no movie

; MOVIE_FULLSCREEN - set to 1 if you want the movie played
; fullscreen

; APPS_SIZE is size of everything installed except Art
; folder, AVI folder and MKO files.

; ART_SIZE is size of everything installed from Art folder.

; AVI_SIZE is size of everything installed from AVI folder.

; MAX_MKO_SIZE is size of largest (packed) MKO file on disk.

; List of MKO files for user to choose from
; each file has 3 entries
;    MKO_NAME_x is name to be displayed in Setup
;    MKO_FILE_x is filename of MKO file (on CD)
;    MKO_SIZE_x is size of uncompressed data in bytes


A small excerpt from the "official" unofficial readme.

[1-1]: A word from Chuck Zenkus and Baki Allen
	Change is good! Lots of options are better. We hope you find that the Desktop Makeover does just that, allowing YOU the user to change as many things as you like. You can change Icons, Sound Schemes, Mouse Pointers, Desktop Animations, Fun Facts, Startup-Shutdown splash screens, Puzzles, Renaming of your Recycle Bin, Decision Maker, Desktop Wallpaper, Screen Savers, and a Talking Clock.

        I hope everyone enjoys this "Official" Desktop Makeover FAQ v0.99. It contains the latest information and changes to the Desktop Makeover,and any new Makover add-on modules.

Although this will not be last "Official" Desktop Makeover FAQ, it will definitely be awhile until the next revision but, this covers just about everything.

        ... and enjoy,

        Chuck Zenkus and Baki Allen
   (Source: Ehm)