Samsung SGH-T379

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The Samsung SGH-T379, also known more simply as the Samsung Gravity TXT is a T-Mobile exclusive slider phone released in August of 2011. It has an ST-Ericsson PNX6710 System-On-Chip which includes an ARM926EJ CPU.

Hidden Flash Player[edit]

This is in no way documented on any user manual, but this phone actually supports Flash .swf files up to version 7 from the SD card. You can use the number pad or the slider keypad to interact with a Flash applet, and a fullscreen option exists too.

Software Build Date[edit]

This can be found by entering the Admin Setting code at the dial screen, pressing Internals, and then going to Build Information.

Type: Sysol7210
Build number: 00
Builder: SAMSUNG
Host name: SAMSUNG
Date: 06 21 2011
Time: 16:25:00
Bin size: 00 bytes
Checksum: 0x0
View: T379UVKF9

Sysol7210 is incorrect, as this device actually has a PNX6710 SoC, part of what is known as the "Swift" chipset.

Software Update Sound[edit]

A "Software Update" function exists in the settings of this phone, but a software update was never released. Thus, the sound that was supposed to play when a software update was available goes unused. The sound is the same as T-Mobile notification sound on modern Android.

File:T379 update sound.ogg

It's actually possible to trigger a test software update notification in one of the debug menu options.

Hidden Developer Messages[edit]

Inside of the phone's firmware are 5 valid Adobe Flash .swf files. The 4th file contains credits from someone who potentially worked on the software or the Flash Lite-based UI elements on this phone.

var info_date = "2008_03_05";
var info_worker = "Byoung Jae Kang";
var info_flash = "Flash Lite 2.0";
var info_version = "BDI_HC05_2000";

Secret Dialer Codes[edit]

When entered on the dial screen, the codes below do what is described.

*#0206*377# - Dumps RAM contents to a UART interface

*#0*# - LCD Test

*#6984125*# - Admin Setting (Master key is *#9072641*#, Operator code is *#73561*#)

*#33284*# - Debug Level Menu

*#197328640# - Service Menu