Windows 3.1

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Developed by: Microsoft
Published by: Microsoft
First Released: April 6, 1992

Windows 3.1 may have been an evolution, but it was a significant one in that it was the first widely used version of Windows. And also, it doesn't run on top of real mode for the first time in Windows' history.



Hidden Dev Credits[edit]

Hold all three modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt and Shift) and select "About Program Manager" from the Help menu. Then, click on the Windows logo twice.

Close out of the window, then repeat the same actions. This time, a waving Windows flag with the following message should appear.

Dedicated to all the hard-working people
of the Microsoft Windows 3.10 Development Team!

Close out of the window and repeat once more to see the developer credits, using the MS IDs used for the source code control system.

Hidden MIDI Files[edit]

Starting in this version, MIDI files would be placed in C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA to test sound card support. The two midis included in this version are passport.mid and canyon.mid, which would remain in all Windows versions up to ME and 2000.