Windows Vista

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Windows Vista is the not-so-beloved operating system from 2007 that tried to one-up Windows XP in every way, only to massively under-perform thanks to much heavier requirements than Windows XP and many devices having either buggy or incompatible drivers. Sadly, it gets more hate than it deserves - all of those issues were caused by incompetent computer manufacturers, not Vista itself.

Longhorn/Vista Beta Leftovers[edit]

Some leftovers from early beta versions of Vista are still scattered around the operating system.

Running XP explorer.exe on Vista[edit]

Using compatibility mode, you can make the XP version of explorer.exe the shell of Windows Vista. When doing this, clicking on the start menu shows a design of the start menu from a few early Vista builds, as well as the "log off" and "shut down" icons from XP.