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If you haven't heard of YouTube, it's very likely you're either from a country that bans the world's biggest video sharing site or you're living outside of a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy named Earth.

Debug Button[edit]

Enter the following string into the web console:

document.getElementById("extra-buttons").innerHTML = "<ytd-debug-menu data='[[debugData_]]'></ytd-debug-menu>" + document.getElementById("extra-buttons").innerHTML

This will show a debug button on the bottom-right of the page, which has a non-functioning logging option and an option to hide the button again.

   (Source: Windows98)

Unused Graphics[edit]


YouTube-5 stars.png YouTube-5 stars greyed.png

Modernized 5-star graphics are still apparent, in case they ever want to switch back to the old rating system.

YouTube-Circle 1.png YouTube-Circle 2.png YouTube-Circle 3.png

There's also 1, 2 and 3s in circles, probably for organization.

   (Source: SevenIron)

YouTube-Music Key Beta.png

A service that later formed into YouTube Red.


In the smart TV version of YouTube, this animation of a Corgi will play if the user waits for a long period of time in the video controls. For some reason, it was also found inside the TV subsite prior to a redesign in 2020.

Android TV Version[edit]

YouTube-Launcher banner dev.pngYouTube-Launcher banner dogfood.png

YouTube-Ic launcher dev.pngYouTube-Ic launcher dogfood.png

The Android TV version contains banners and icons for the developer version, one with a wrench and another with a dogbone in it. The dogbone and the filename it's under (launcher_banner_dogfood) allude to the phrase "Eating your own dog food", which refers to one using their own product. In this case, the developers of the app using their own product.

   (Source: Windows98)

TXT Files[edit]


A small fictional story of sorts can be found here.

# robots.txt file for YouTube
# Created in the distant future (the year 2000) after
# the robotic uprising of the mid 90's which wiped out all humans.


This small notice can be found inside.

# YouTube inventory can only be purchased from AdWords and DoubleClick
# Bid Manager (DBM), and cannot be purchased programmatically through
# open exchanges. Therefore there are no authorized sellers or resellers
# listed in this file.