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Hidden Developer Photos[edit | edit source]

Mac SE Team 1.png Mac SE Team 2.png
Mac SE Team 3.png Mac SE Team 4.png

To take up some of the remaining space inside of the SE ROM, the team behind the SE inserted a handful of pictures. To see the pictures, press the debug button and then enter G 41D89A. Internally, these photos are compressed with MacBits.

(Source: NYC Resistor)

Developer Signatures[edit | edit source]

At the end of the ROM, the following string can be seen:


The first J should actually be the last character, like so:


These names are short for, in order:

  1. CSL – C.S. “Tony” Leung
  2. WRL – Wayne R. Loofburrow
  3. BBM – Brian B. McGhie
  4. ABO – Alan B. Oppenheimer
  5. EMT – Ed M. Tecot
  6. DAH – Dave A. Holzer
  7. JTC – Jerome T. Coonen
  8. FJL – Frank J. Leahy
  9. MBK – Marjory B. Kaptanoglu
  10. CRC – Cary R. Clark
  11. LAK – Larry A. Kenyon
  12. EHB – Ernie H. Beernink
  13. RDC – Rich D. Castro
  14. DAF – Dave A. Fung
  15. SHF – Steven H. Flowers
  16. TJ – Tom Jennings

There's also a compile date right after this list:

Thu, Nov 20, 1986

(Source: Ernie H Beernink, Al Kossow)