Windows XP

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Windows XP

Developed by: Microsoft
Published by: Microsoft
First Released: August 24, 2001 (RTM),

October 25, 2001 (Retail)

This software has unused images.
This software has unused texts.

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Windows XP is an operating system based on the Windows NT technology and was designated for home users, with an upgrade to the user interface as well as an introduction to Windows Media Center in later releases, with an entire edition dedicated to it.

Even though initial support ended in 2009 and extended support ended in 2014, it is still widely used by many businesses, retro users, and clueless users today.

Sub-Pages[edit | edit source]

Read about prototype versions of this software that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Source Code
The many things that were hiding in source code given only to select developers.

Unused Images (Windows Whistler Leftovers)[edit | edit source]

Server Advanced Server Datacenter
WindowsXP-UnusedImages-WhistlerServerLogin.png WindowsXP-UnusedImages-WhistlerAdvancedServerLogin.png WindowsXP-UnusedImages-WhistlerDatacenterLogin.png
WindowsXP-UnusedImages-WhistlerServerLogin-B.png WindowsXP-UnusedImages-WhistlerAdvancedServerLogin-B.png WindowsXP-UnusedImages-WhistlerDatacenterLogin-B.png

Early login logo images exist as bitmaps in msgina.dll.

WinXPFinal-Bitmap158.png WinXPFinal-Bitmap163.png WinXPFinal-Bitmap164.png

Similarly, side bars for these versions can be found under explorer.exe.


Old power button, used in early versions of the shutdown UI.

Unused Text[edit | edit source]

The computer got very poorly and decided to end it's own suffering

Located in msgina.dll, this placeholder text is used any time the user doesn't fill out the shutdown event tracker. The user does not see this normally.

This string also exists in Russian versions of XP, translated.

Restart in MS-DOS mode
Ends your session, shuts down Windows, and starts MS-DOS mode.

Located in msgina.dll under String Table 501. Windows XP cannot restart in MS-DOS mode.

This pre-release version of "Internet Explorer 4.0" Desktop/Explorer has expired. 
Please update to the latest release of "Internet Explorer 4.0" from WWW.MICROSOFT.COM

Located in explorer.exe under String Table 45. Leftover from an early version of Active Desktop.

Other Leftovers[edit | edit source]

In winlogon.exe, there are leftover Windows NT 4.0 logon dialogs.


Similarly, a Windows ME-like background image can be found among the setup files.

Microsoft Bob[edit | edit source]

Every copy of Windows XP has an installer for Microsoft Bob included, encrypted with random keys. This was done not only to take up the remaining disc space, but also to slow down piracy. This installer is checked for by Windows XP's own installer.