Windows 98

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Program Manager[edit]

While the OS cannot be started with the Program Manger like in Windows 95, it can still be accessed by running PROGMAN.EXE from the command prompt. This can also still be accessed in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Hidden Credits[edit]

Hidden inside of the folder C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Welcome is a file called Weldata.exe. Create a shortcut for it on the desktop and edit the target to include You_are_a_real_rascal under Properties, and set it to run Minimized.

When opening this, it will not only show a listing of people who worked on Windows 98, but also pictures of Microsoft's campus and its surroundings at the time.

Hidden MIDI Files[edit]

Three more MIDI files would be placed in C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA to test sound card support. These are flourish.mid, onestop.mid, and town.mid. Unlike passport.mid and canyon.mid, these can still be found in newer versions of Windows.

flourish.mid would also go on to be used for DXDiag, including for Windows XP.